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Midwifery Care Outcomes in Ethnically and Racially Diverse Populations of WomenFriedman, Cynthia
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Managing Obesity in PregnancyCaton, Terri
The reliability and validity of fundal height measurement Charles, Anne
Evidence Based Smoking Cessation Guidelines for Pregnant WomenCrowder, Debbie, & Martin, Kim
Perineal Lacerations: The Effects of Suturing versus Nonsuturing on Postpartum Healing and PainDeWire, Mary
Evidence Based Clinical Practice Guidelines for VBAC Home BirthDoerr, Denise
Management of Spontaneous Abortion using Misoprostol: An Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guideline
Donenfeld, Jamie L.
Clearing murky waters: An evidence-based clinical practice guideline for hydrotherapy in labor and waterbirth
Hileman, Michelle
Premature rupture of membranes at term: An evidenced-based clinical practice guideline for home birth midwivesKarimi, Susan
Improving Access to Emergency Contraception through Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines
Klapka, Monique
Self-obtained group B streptococcus cultures: An Evidence-Based Clinical Practice GuidelineMcBride, Tami
Prenatal Screening for Intimate Partner Violence: An Evidence-Based Clinical Practice GuidelineMoore, Lakesha
Evidence-based Client Education Practice GuidelinePhifer, Mary Jane
Obesity and pregnancy: Risks and recommendationsPoticher, Ramona
Shoulder Dystocia: An Evidence-Based Clinical Practice GuidelineRamirez, Norma &, Fry, Judy
Expectant management of spontaneous abortionReynolds, Tricia
Group B Streptococcus during Pregnancy, Labor & Birth
Rodriguez, Connie
Midwifery Care to Women in Recovery From Substance Abuse:
An Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guideline
Russell, Laura
Helping the obese woman: Insulin resistance and the glycemic indexSonnenstuhl, Pat
Screening and Treating for Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) in PregnancyUyesugi, Karen
Intermittent auscultation of the fetal heart rate during laborValasek, Patti

Circumcision: Evidence-Based Counseling
Werynski, Christie, & Speers, Brittany
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Redesigning Courses for the World Wide Web
Carr, Kathy &, Farley, Cindy
Ten Steps for Successful Online Course DiscussionsChoitz, Paul
Perspectives on Service-Learning: Applications in Midwifery EducationFarley, Cindy
Women’s Health Care Minimum Data Set: Pilot Test and Validation for Use in Clinical PracticeFarley, Cindy
Giving witness to giving birthFarley, Cindy